We are a full-service risk management firm focused on advising businesses and individuals in four main areas:

  • Asset Protection
  • Expense Reduction
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Profit Margin

We partner directly with you to develop tailored plans for optimal asset protection and offer solutions guaranteed to save you time and money.

Business, life and planning for the unexpected are all exponentially more complicated when compared to the past business and economic climate.  That is where our team comes in…helping you simplify the complicated matters and focus on what matters most.

When you partner with our team, you also gain solutions that make a difference.  You gain access to a global network of consultants, advisors, and professionals.  These solutions are valuable and relevant in the current business climate and have proven to save businesses a significant amount of time and money.  In most cases, there are substantial discounts or the services are absolutely free because of your decision to work with Insurance Facilities.

You might be asking…what are solutions that make a difference?  Our solutions are a matching of services and experience, products and outlets, knowledge and people with three ultimate goals for you:

Optimize Asset Protection

Save Time and Money

Maximize Profitability


Allow us the opportunity to make a difference for you.  You’ll be glad you did!



Solutions that make a difference.

Our network delivered over $100 million in savings to enrolled clients in 15 years.
Is saving time and money important to you?

Gain Savings. Gain Control.